Like nearly any programming language, JavaScript is not without its share of potential security exposures. Exploiting JavaScript vulnerabilities can manipulate data, redirect sessions, modify and steal data, and much more. …

We all know that Microsoft corporation develops, manufactures, and supports software, consumer electronics and computers, and related services.

To simplify and scale at pace with market demands, Microsoft worked with Red Hat to create a scalable, automation framework to reduce manual workloads with efficient tools and processes and mitigate performance…

Nokia is focusing on building telecom networks end-to-end. That means their main products are related to the infrastructure, such as antennas, switching equipment, and routing equipment.

FUN FACT: “When people are picking up their phones and making a call on Nokia networks, they are creating containers in the background with…


C|EH | Cybersecurity researcher | MLOps | Hybrid Multi Cloud | Devops assembly line | Openshift | AWS EKS | Docker

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